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Ramblings on life

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24 October
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Hi, I'm the mad mother of two (ask them!) grown up children who live independently. As my husband is in full time employment I now have time on my hands, which I fill productively with knitting - sweaters, socks, hats, mittens, commissions - usually for family and friends who appreciate such unique garments.

I've had bouts of depression in the past - possibly something to do with 'empty nests'- but I've had bouts on & off for the past 30 years, so possibly not. I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which gets really bad some years.

When fully fit & well, rep for Tear Fund http://www.tearfund.org

I'm an active (when well) member of a local Church Fellowship - Baptist, if you must have a brand name. Here I bend their ears about Tear Fund, do Bible readings & generally act as "Hugger-in-Chief". I also enjoy singing, as part of the congregation, usually quite loudly.

Just as a warning, I'm a native English speaker &, so I'm informed, tend to write a fairly 'dense' style of English. I read Charles Dickens (& Terry Pratchett) for fun, sometimes. Occasionally my literary style may resemble his! Moblie LJer's may find blogs difficult to follow. This _isn't_ boasting about my 'abilities'.

Many of my blogs are written to provoke the reader into THINKING about what I have written, or linked to. Of course, I write what I think about things. The blog expresses _my_ opinions. Feel free to disagree with 'em. Just warn me, please, if your disagreeing is in the form of a rant! You have been warned!

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