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Knit, Wear (or not)

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I am getting tired of knitting socks.  They only last so long - as knitting, they go on a lot longer as socks, even H's.  What I really want to knit is the Moonshine cardigan, but have neither the pattern nor the yarn.  So I've printed off the 'Bigger On The Inside' scarf pattern.  I shall check with my stash, but we're off to Unravel this Saturday (with FREE train tickets cos H has a season ticket, so that should cover the cost of some yarn) and will have a look there.  Question, can I remember quite the shade of blue of the Tardis for Doctors 4-6?  Cos that's the shade I want.  Not the darker blue it is now.  So I'm printing off the BOTI pattern.  Ooh look, there are charts.  Let's print them off now too.  Then I won't come unstuck when I try actually knitting.

  Writing of Unravel, I was going to wear something special from my handknits - beyond a jumper and socks, but the scarf and the shawl both require blocking.  Proper blocking, that is, with mats and pins and all, not just the laying-out-and-patting-into-shape required by the jumpers.  I'm currently trying a 'peg-the-top-of-the-scarf-out-horizontally-and-let-the-body-hang-down-hoping-the-beads-in-the-lace-will-help-spread-it'.  Not sure it will really work, specially for the lace.  Ah well, I'm going to a yarn festival.  Maybe someone will have blocking mats and pins for sale?

  I spent most of last Saturday afternoon and evening knitting half of the second Selbu mitten (it's colourwork) only to realise on Sunday that I'd knitted it on the smaller sized dpns and, though it does fit, it's noticably smaller than the other mitten.  I carried on and knitted the 'finger' part but really it 'needs to visit the frog pond' (as the Yarn Harlot would put it.)  Aaaarrrggh!  Ah well, the weather has turned warm again.  Well into double figures (with accompanying Sou'westerly winds and rain) so I doubt I'll be needing Really Warm mittens the rest of this week.  Shan't be re-knitting it this Saturday afternoon, we're going to Unravel (which is where that part-mitten is also going, in a different way!)  Some people learn from experience.  Here's hoping I'm one.

  I also came across another pair of mitts (fingerless) last night, which is good as the mauve ones I'd been wearing needed washing - currently hanging up to dry.  They're stocking stitch mitts so need minimum of blocking.  These are in four different colours of sock yarn in a horseshoe pattern and, pull them out straight, would have benefitted from blocking.  Ah well.

  Hmmm, have you seen the time?  Better go raid the market.  Should have done the four week menu plan last night.  As it was I forgot until it was too late.  So I shall get a selection of fruit and veg.  There's plenty of previously-cooked-and-frozen stuff which really ought to be eaten anyway.

  There, having confessed a couple of mistakes, what sort of scarf might I need today?  Shan't be needing a hat, that's for sure.

  Y'all have a good day now!
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