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Playing Draughts*

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Our front room, being the one we can shut a door on, can get quite cosy, sometimes too hot.  Unfortunately there's a nasty draught which at this time of year can whizz under the door and cut you off at the ankles should you have your feet on the floor.

  This doesn't generally bother me as I have my feet up on the box-with-removable-padded-top which is my sock yarn stash.  The top is currently 'floating' on the contents.  I must knit more socks and not buy any more sock yarn for a good while**.  Hmmm, we're going to Unravel this coming Saturday!

  Anyhew, H tends to sit with his feet on the floor - when he's not lying on the settee under his blanket.  He occasionally complains about the draught.

  So the other day I had an idea, and took six (vaguely rainbow coloured) of the squares I've been knitting for a blanket for D for when she starts her nursing course in September/October.  I joined them, rainbow order, into a long strip, drew up one end, seamed the long side, then stuffed the tube with tightly-rolled newspaper and drew up the other end.  Et viola!  A draught excluder.

  After a quick adjustment, tying it (via a long piece of wool) to the doorhandle so it moves with the door, it works very well.  No ankle-slicing draught any more.  Yes, there is still a small draught around the sides of the door, but with the gas fire the room needs ventillation.

  Right, that's the draught excluded, the washing blowing out in the sunshine.  Better take the Dyson round.

  Y'all have a good, and draught-free, day now!

   *That's the insidious air currents you sometimes get, not what Americans call Checkers.  I suppose it'd be 'drafts' for American Readers?

  **Oh dear.  I've just seen this yarn.  May not look that much in skein, but knitted up (middle three pix) . . . le sigh!
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