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It's trying to snow!  So I pegged the washing out anyway, reckoning if it's trying to snow then it's too cold for the washing to get any wetter!

  As 'tis 'Trying' might be a bit ambitious.  If it was similarly 'trying' to rain, I'd say it was 'spitting'.  H suggested the snow equivalent might be 'spluttering', but it's not that consistent.  'Sputtering', maybe.  Either way we'll see.

  And yes, I do realise that all of this won't count at all as 'snow' to people who measure their annual fall by the metre.  Here we get snow some years, other years we don't.  What's the snow like where you are, Dear Reader?

  More on the theme of snow - apparently last night was a full moon.  I did look but it was overcast here. Surprise!  Anyhow, this is often known as a Snow Moon (it being February and all that.)  As a bonus last night there was also a lunar eclipse, a  penumbral, around midnight UTC.  So I missed that too.  However others didn't. Pictures here.  Did you see the Snow Moon eclipse last night, Dear Reader?

  There was even a comet available, comet 45P, the New Year Comet as it appears around December-Jaunuary.  Should you have missed that it's due back in 2022.

  On, perhaps, a warmer note - you may be familiar with Carpool Karaoke, as done by Adele, Carrie Undewood, Sia and, mainly, James Corden.  Maybe even yourselves?  Have fun, drive places and help save the planet at the same time.

  Just to prove this is not exclusively for the young (George Cluney has done it too patience, it's about 8 1/2 min in) here is a Senior Citizen's Carpool Karaoke - note the red hat (which may or may not go with what else they're wearing!)


  Should you see a group of people in a car bopping around . . .  Just one thing, I know using a mobile phone while driving is dangerously distracting.  Even having a conversation while driving is distracting, so maybe don't try this on motorways?

  You may also have come across the pictures of Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding her toddler, and the surrounding controversy.  I dunno.  If you're breastfeeding your baby and it gets hungry when you're out (babies not being known for fitting into other people's schedules) you just have to feed it.  I've done it a few times when our two were of that size.

  What's the problem some people seem to have?  It's perfectly natural and normal.  It's one of the reasons women have breasts.

  Ok, so women don't need to 'get them out' and be all 'in your face' as they breastfeed (I didn't/wasn't, most aren't), but there is a place for doing so and it definitely isn't in a public toilet!  I mean, would you want to eat your lunch in a public toilet?  Well then!  If you don't like the sight, look elsewhere!

  And Finally - proven, Knitting it is Good For You, mobile phones Are Not (used excessively.)

  So there you are, Dear Reader, set your phone to 'silent', put it down, go sit the other side of the room, pick up your 'sticks and string' and knit yourself happy!

  Y'all have a good, and productive, day now!   Hmmm, where did I put that mitten WIP?
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On February 12th, 2017 08:39 pm (UTC), annelaure commented:
Snow.. Hmmmm..
Well we did have some two years ago. Ever since, nope. But just a few hundred miles south are the Pyrenees so if you really want some, you can always go there :)
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On February 13th, 2017 10:24 am (UTC), bronchitikat replied:
How about the Massif Central?
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