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Dear MP . . .

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This week BiL and I chatted (via email) briefly about doll's houses and their equipping.  This morning I find an email from 'Personal', headed "Miniature silverware for your dollshouse and 1/12 scale miniature silver dollhouse collection."   Complete with a link, which I have not clicked.  I don't know who sent it me.  I don't know if it's trustworthy.  The email is now languishing in my email 'Trash' file.

  Dur?  Who else is reading my emails?

  Meanwhile I'm going to write to my MP.  Trouble is there are so many things to write about.  There's Yemen and the fact that the UK is supplying Saudi Arabia with many of the weapons they are using to bomb Yemen.

  Then there's the whole issue of Homelessness.  OK, so the government has passed the Homelessness Reduction Bill, giving extra powers (or is it responsibilities?) to local authorities to deal with homeless people in their areas.  What the government haven't said is whether they'll be giving local authorities more money to do this.  Because if they don't  . . .  It's all passing the buck and so much hot air!

  And then there're the child refugees which the UK government said they'd accept from various camps in Europe and other places.  That's unaccompanied children.  Children aged between 8 and 17 who are travelling by themselves, or who have become separated from their families.

  Often these children have people in various countries to whom they could go, who would care for them.  Some mention was made, last year, about 3,500 children at risk of abuse, trafficking etc, who would be taken by the UK.  Some say the government mentioned this number.  Others say the government promised to take 3000 unaccompanied children.

  When, eventually, late on last year, like six months after the original 'promise', children were allowed into the country there were all sorts of accusations.  Accusations like "those 'boys' look more like men!"  And complaints from some that caring for the children would 'cost too much'.  See previous entries about the UK being one of the richest countries in the world, yet, apparently, cash-strapped!

  Now, apparently, the government has said the UK will take 350 child refugees.  Seriously, folks, we are not looking good.  Doubt whether we're doing much good either, for all it's a bit complicated.  The result, though, is that we come out looking uncaring, mean, mean-spirited and word-breakers.  Plus all these children are still stuck or travelling across Europe, on their own, through a really cold winter, still at risk of abuse and people traffickers.  Aaaarrrggh!

  But while it is still dry, I shall go do a little more shopping; and be thankful that we have shops which are so well stocked (except, perhaps, with lettuces.  Although the market stall I visited yesterday had lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes etc, as well as more 'seasonal' veg!  Hmmm, how much of this 'shortage' is supermarket-induced so they can up their prices?  Cynic? Moi?  Mais certainment!)

  Think maybe I'll try running round a bit too.  I need to warm up.

  Y'all have a good day now!
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On February 12th, 2017 08:44 pm (UTC), annelaure commented:
I can see this letter being very very long and detailed... do you get answers when you write to your MP?
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On February 13th, 2017 10:21 am (UTC), bronchitikat replied:
Yes. Sometimes by email and sometimes on House of Commons headed notepaper!

Do you?

I'll be writing one letter on each topic. Gotta keep things simple. MPs are supposed to be busy people.
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