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The storm crashed through this part of the Solent around 6:30-8pm last night.  By bedtime all was calm outside and the sky clear.  I could see Sirius and the bottom-left-corner star in Orion, even without my spectacles, which I wear for distance vision (distance being further than about 16-20 inches.  I guess stars qualify as 'distant'!)

  I also found a knitting pattern which I'd downloaded and printed a few years back.  I decided to knit it this week, only to find I'd mislaid it.  Tried finding the original website, did find it, couldn't download the pattern, it just didn't seem to be there.  Bother!  Then I had a look in my scrap paper stash, and lo, there it was.  I duly sorted out far more colours of yarn (leftover sock yarns) than required by the pattern and started knitting.

  The piece, which is small, is knitted flat, intarsia.  So I have lots and lots of ends and strands which, naturally enough, need untangling at intervals.  The fact that I'm also trying to knit this on a pair of 2.5mm dpns (double-pointed needles) means that I can't stretch things out too much or stitches fall off either end, even though they're longer dpns!  Ah well, it appears to be working so far.  And no, Dear Reader, I can't tell you what it is, the intended recipient is a Reader.

  Meanwhile a Judge in Seattle has blocked President Trump's ban, last week, on people travelling into the USA from seven Islamic states.  Good.  For.  Him.
  Good.  For.  The.  Rule.  Of.  Law.

  I can see the President having another Twitterstorm and, possibly, trying to do something about Judge Robart, not to mention his ruling.  Either way, the whole ban thing appears to be unconstitutional as the Legislature is not supposed to favour one religion over another.  Heck, that was one reason people emigrated to what was to become America in the first place!  Apparently the infamous (and Unconstitutional) ban runs out tomorrow.  What happens next may well be interesting, for a given value of 'interesting'!
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Apparently there is a chronic shortage of lettuces in our supermarkets at present.  Due to the Seriously Cold weather in Spain (among other places.)  Hmmm, who wants to eat lettuce at this time of year anyhow?  Particularly Iceberg lettuce.  I mean, Dear Reader, that has virtually no nutritional value at all, apart from water and a small amount of fibre.  Spinnach will do you much more good, and is nice used raw.  Cooked it can feel a bit 'slimy' in the mouth.

  There is also, apparently, a chronic shortage of courgettes (that's zucchini to some Readers), broccoli, sweet peppers and aubergines.  Now of course it is possible to fly such vegetables into the UK.  But that's 'airmiles', and hence added carbon dioxide emissions, not to mention putting up the price.

  As I wrote, Dear Reader, who wants to eat lettuce in January or February anyhow.  The thing is to 'eat Seasonally'.  If you can grow it in your yard/garden now then you can eat it now.  Hence the things to be eating now are cabbages, kale and root vegetables (though the price of them tends to rise when the ground is frozen and they're harder to harvest!)

  There's a reason why your Mum, or your Gran, used to serve you stew in the winter.  They were cooking with what was available at the time.  Seasonal, see.

  Right, time to make some soup for lunch.  Carrot, apple and cashew I think.  See, Seasonal.

  Y'all have a good, and Seasonally fed, day now!
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On February 4th, 2017 10:54 pm (UTC), annelaure commented:
Carrots. I'm all in favor of carrots. I buy them by 150 kg from a farmer and he brings them to his farm, where people who have signed in at the board can go and help themselves. When there isn't anymore left, he brings more... All that for 30 euros. I think it's quite a great deal. And no one said it was all for the horses....
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